A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the course leading to the Degree of
Bachelor of Education provided :
(i) The candidate should have passed the UG Degree examination in the 10+2+3
stream, with the same main subject in part III, for which he/she is seeking
admission to B.Ed Programme.
(ii) Candidates who have taken more than one main subject in part III (Double
Triple Major) of the UG degree have to choose only one of the main subject and
apply for that optional only.
(iii) Candidates with the following marks in Part III (Major and Allied subjects) in the
Bachelor’s Degree are eligible for admission to the B.Ed. Programme O.C.
– 50%, B.C. – 45%, M.B.C. – 43%, S.C./S.T. – 40% . In the case of Physically
and Visually challenged candidates, a minimum pass in the Degree is enough,
the admission criteria however shall be as per the norms prescribed by the
University or the State Government from time to time.
The basis of selection shall be in accordance with the statutory provisions of the
University / Government of Tamilnadu in force from time to time.

A candidate shall be admitted to the B.Ed Degree examination only if he/she
forwards, along with his/her application for Examination, satisfactory evidence of having
qualified himself/herself for a degree in any University accepted by the Syndicate as
equivalent thereto, in the form of a certificate of equivalence/recognition/eligibility issued
by the University, and also produces a certificate that he/she has undergone a course of
study as prescribed hereinafter in a College of Education affiliated to the University, having
put in not less than 80 percent of attendance.

The course of study shall be for a duration of one academic year. There will be 10
days for admission and another 10 days for examination exclusively. The 180 working days
will include internship, teaching practice and school – community based activities. The
course work will be 1080 hours.

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