1. Eligibility for Admission to the Course:

A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the course leading to the Degree of
Master of Education provided he/she has passed a Bachelors Degree Examination in
Education of this University or some other University recognized by the Syndicate as
equivalent thereto, with a minimum of 50% marks in theory and practicals separately.

The basis of selection of candidate for admission shall be based on the existing
regulations of the university/Government of Tamil Nadu. Reservation of seats and other
concessions for the SC., ST., MBC / DNC, BC, and other special categories of candidates
notified by the Government of Tamil Nadu shall be provided in accordance with the
statutory provisions of the Government of Tamil Nadu in force from time to time.

No candidate shall be eligible for the Degree of M.Ed. unless he/she has
completed the prescribed course of study and has passed the qualifying examination and
has satisfied the Examiners in a dissertation.

2. Duration:

The course of study shall be for a duration of ONE academic year. There will be 10
days for admission and another 10 days for examination exclusively. The entire course
work will be for 1080 Hours.

3. Subjects of Study:
The course consists of (a) Core Subjects (b) Elective Subjects (c) Dissertation

a) Core Subjects:
1. Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives in Education.
2. Advanced Educational Psychology.
3. Research in Education.

b) Elective Subjects:
Candidate can choose any TWO electives one from Group I and the other from
Group II from the following subjects.

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